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The Problem:

  • Your site consists of flats or commerical units, and there is a single connection to the Electricity Distribution Network.
  • In the past, you may have tried to recover the cost of the energy through billing tenants in arrears using sub-meters, or DigiCard or coin prepayment meters. 
  • Maybe you include unlimited electricity in the rent
  • Or you may be quoted a fortune to connect each unit to the Electricity Distribution Network, and possibly face a delay of several weeks.

Our Install and Forget Solution:

  • Using the latest smart sub meters, we can set up and run a system which knows automatically how much each of your tenants have used.
  • Your tenants pay for credit on their meter via our free phone line or internet portal. Or they can set up an auto recharge. We can also offer cash payment at local shops.
  • The sub-meters are credited via their built-in mobile phone SIM cards.
  • We recover the cost of running the service from your tenants, except during void periods.
  • Our solution is “Install and forget”, because we manage the whole system for you.

How It Works:

  • We supply you with smart meters which are pre-configured ready for you, or your electrician, to install by the entrance to each flat, property, etc. We do require a deposit for each meter that we supply, and if you don’t like our service for any reason, this is fully refundable upon your returning the meter undamaged anytime within the first year.
  • We will then transfer you to the best tariff available in your electricity region. Your tenants will be charged a highly competitive tariff which we aim to keep below the PAYG tariffs of the major suppliers.
  • You continue to pay the energy supplier for the whole premises, with us automatically reimbursing you for all the electricity that the tenants have used directly into your bank account.

About Us:

  • This is our only business, and we are set up to obtain both volume and VAT savings. If you were to buy and run the sub-meters yourself, you would end up paying more for less.
  • We recognise our social responsibilities, especially in the HMO market, and seek to make only a modest profit.
  • We are a small yet rapidly growing company with a very experienced team in both the energy industry, and property development and management sectors.
  • In the three years that we have been actively trading, we have built up an impressive portfolio of satisfied customers who have trusted us to install our system on their sites.
  • We are the only people in the UK offering this service.


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